Alzheimer Research UK

Alzheimer’s Research UK firmly believes in the power of research to create a world free from the fear, harm and heartbreak of dementia.

They fund pioneering research that will make a real difference to people’s lives – now and in the future.

Their approach to research spans three areas that will nurture discovery and ideas as well as translating findings from this research into benefits for people with dementia.

They are dedicated to funding the best minds and forging the most effective partnerships to reach this goal sooner.


Dementia is caused by complex brain diseases and we’re supporting the most pioneering science to discover what causes nerve cells to die and why.

Their research projects and Stem Cell Research Centre are examples of how they’re innovating research to defeat dementia.


Next, they put these discoveries to work to benefit people with dementia. Through big initiatives like their Drug Discovery Alliance, Dementia Consortium, Global Clinical Trials Fund and Prevention Fund, they’re translating these findings into new treatments and preventions that can change lives.

People and partnerships

Through their Research Network and global partnerships, They’re supporting the best minds and resources to create the world’s leading dementia research field.

Research Network

The Alzheimer’s Research UK Research Network is a unique initiative which unites more than 1000 dementia researchers from across the UK to support and streamline dementia research.
From the South Coast to Scotland, scientists are brought together from 39 different universities and research institutions across the UK into 15 virtual centres of scientific excellence. Through the Research Network a community of researchers is created from difference disciplines and encouraging and enhancing research partnerships and resource-sharing that are helping Alzheimer’s Research UK to make progress faster.

Researchers within the Network have unique access to funding for small grants to support travel, equipment and networking, as well as being eligible to apply for large Network Cooperation Grants which encourage researchers from different Network Centres to work together on large research projects.

Through the Research Network, researchers are supported at a grass-roots level as well as being helped to forge collaborations to think more ambitiously than ever before.

As well as facilitating researchers in their vital work, each Network Centre holds an event for the public to update people in their area about the progress they are making.