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    Google’s Fair Use Victory Is a Win for Us All

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    They’ve also crossed different types of whales that would never even have associated with one another in the wild but breed because they’re put into the same confined spaces. They’ve created a genetic mutant whale that doesn’t even exist in the wild! You certainly can’t release those. The solution to this is that they have to be forced to stop, one way or another — whether by people not going to their parks and their doors being forced to close or by legislation, which is fast approaching, which would make them stop their breeding programs by law and stop the forced artificial insemination.

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    Following a chaotic year of arrests, domestic violence charges and court dates, Solo was determined to use the suspension to her advantage. “I had a lot of time to think, and reassess my life and career,” Solo, 33, wrote.

    When Queen Elizabeth arrived at Balmoral Castle on Wednesday afternoon after her outing to open a new rail line on her record-breaking day, she kicked back with two future kings.

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    “All of us at Universal are heartbroken,” Universal says in a statement. “Paul was truly one of the most beloved and respected members of our studio family for 14 years, and this loss is devastating to us, to everyone involved with the Fast and Furious films, and to countless fans. We send our deepest and most sincere condolences to Paul’s family.”
    The film had been filming for months in Atlanta and had about another month left to go with Walker to be included in some of the scenes, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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  11. Adding to the irony is the fact that Bigelow isn’t a typical female director. She doesn’t make comedies like Penny Marshall or movies about relationships like Nora Ephron or Nancy Meyers – she makes hardcore action movies. There’s scarcely a woman to be seen in “The Hurt Locker” (far fewer than are actually in Iraq). Instead Bigelow tells a brutal war story of bomb squad members – the most-macho heroes in an ultra-macho setting – acting out classic male patterns of competition and camaraderie.

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    Our first example of the double-edged nature of alliances in this episode takes place in King’s Landing, as the Tyrell/Lannister union is simultaneously cemented through the wedding of King Tommen and Margaery Tyrell and brought into fresh tension by the rivalry between the Queen Consort and the Queen Mother. Just as Cersei finally has the Small Council the way she wants it, here comes Margaery, who effortlessly wins the love of the smallfolk and can manipulate the King in ways that she can’t. While the Queen Mother parries Margaery’s initial thrust – a suggestion to Tommen that mom might be happier in Casterly Rock, where she wouldn’t be able to treat the newly-deflowered king like a boy – it’s clear from Cersei’s reaction to the cheering of the crowd at the wedding and the mocking laughter of Margaery’s handmaids that she has the Tyrell Queen pegged as that prophesied “another, younger and more beautiful” who will take everything from her.

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    ?I argue that if she had not hit the rail she would not have been knocked out. I argue that he is of such an enormous size compared to her that if he was acting out of aggression (seeing red) as opposed to self defense severly [sic – injuring her or killing her may have been the result. THATHE [sic – STOPS ALL AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR WHEN SHE HITS THE FLOOR IS TELLING. I argue that there is something intrinsically fucked up that she thinks she can start behavior like this with an individual that is so categorically out of her league. No right minded individual can look at those two body types and come to any other conclusion then ‘if he defends himself he will fuck her up.’. There is no scenario where he defends himself and she comes out the victor What conclusion can be drawn from her behavior other then she believed he would not defend himself?

    Of all the people to target for protest over gay rights, the Phelps clan must rank among the least worthy: They don’t wield the power of the ostensibly pro-gay corporation that funds anti-gay candidates, or the ostensibly liberal president who declines to exercise pro-gay executive authority, or the ostensibly tolerant manager behind a suspicious firing. And they lack the persuasive power (and perhaps even persuasive intent) of queer people’s effective enemies. As Tyler Lopez suggests, if they have any impact on equality debates at all, it may be in forcing more important anti-gay activists to cloak their agenda in friendlier rhetoric – and, unfortunately, in giving them the cover, through contrast, to do so. (None of the local legislators who defeated that modest domestic partnership bill did so while chanting “God Hates Fags.”) The Westboro Baptist Church makes an easy and essentially worthless target.

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    In 2015, music seems less like “fine art,” and I want it to reclaim its status as something to be engaged with seriously, as something more than just entertainment.
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    And speaking of classic war movies, to find our perfect second feature, we turn the clock back 66 years to another cinematic desert storm.

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    What were some of your influences making Time Machine?
    The singer-songwriter-composer grew up in Denver, Colorado, where he was a two-time national finalist in the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy competition. From there, he attended Harvard, where he won the Alain Locke Prize for African-American studies (he studied under Henry Louis Gates Jr.) and received the college’s first certificate in the Bantu language Bikuyu.

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    Right, it’s enough that we believe it so. It so happens that the science and literature and empirical data is on our side, but that’s not even something we’re obligated to prove at this point. I feel like now we come into court in a much stronger position because of these very recent rulings. So when we do see this kind of criticism based on precedents from the past, I feel like it’s a bit off course.
    The justification for the 72-hour waiting period, or the 24-hour waiting periods in other places, aren’t medical either, but to give women time to digest and comprehend this antiabortion material that’s been forced upon them, which is really state propaganda. In our tenets, we hold that one should make their decisions based on the best scientific evidence available and that women’s bodies — anyone’s bodies — are subject to one’s own will alone. On those grounds, we feel that compulsory, state-mandated propaganda material that isn’t scientifically based, that is meant to coerce your decision, is against our religion. So with the exemption of the informed consent material, we feel that we rendered the 72-hour waiting period null and void. She doesn’t need time to consider this illegitimate material as it is.

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    As I’ve reported, cleaning and concessions workers in federal buildings have mounted a series of one-day strikes over the past eight months, aiming to force action by Obama. Their effort, Good Jobs Nation, is backed by the Service Employees International Union and its labor federation, Change to Win. The Good Jobs Nation campaign’s most concrete success to date has come directly from one of the contractors, not from the government: According to organizers, about 220 Smithsonian museum workers won union organizing rights and recognition from the food service giant Compass Group, becoming members of the union UNITE HERE (my former employer).

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    After that was another pre-taped bit wherein Holmes visited the set of the Daily Show to get tips on hosting a show from Jon Stewart. It seemed both hastily taped and edited — more awkward than funny, but maybe that was the point. Holmes is a rube next to a slick vet like Stewart, and yet not at all the one to try and hide it.
    So, when Holmes opened?the show in make-up as a character, I was immediately wary that his foray into television would be oddly impersonal. Ultimately, though, it turns out I was overly concerned. Holmes’ opening monologue minutes later was about what I hoped it would be — not exhaustingly hilarious, but sweet and sort of intimate; Pete at his most natural.

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    When I returned in 2010, many of the things left by migrants had been removed by some unknown person or organization. The desert had been decontaminated, its ghosts cleansed. Most of the evidence of hidden human occupation had been picked up and no doubt sent straight to the trash dump. What remained was largely sun bleached, worn, and breaking apart. After only a year, objects that had once seemed alive and vibrant were slowly dying, victims of solar radiation and rain. People assume that plastic water bottles and nylon backpacks will lie intact on the desert surface forever. It??s not true. Things out here fall apart. Clothes are reduced to shreds, leaving only the stitching behind. Backpacks evaporate leaving only metal zippers and polyurethane buckles. Water bottles turn brittle, crack into pieces, and blow away. When I visited again in 2011, barely anything was left to signal that people had once existed here. Nothing on the landscape suggested this route was used anymore.

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    Oliver’s “church” was subsequently inundated with donations.

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