How it all started…


Hi, my name is Saskia Vervoort

At the beginning of this year I felt I needed to chance a few things in my life.
As a lot of you know my husband has Alzheimer’s. I am very proud of the way he tries to make the best of the situation but the daily care was becoming an emotional burden for me. I needed a release and decided to start exercising again. Due to the circumstances I’m not able to leave the house for a long period of time and go to the gym so I decided to buy an exercise bike and do my workout at home so that I could be there for him if needed.

I started cycling every morning for an hour or so with upbeat music and I started feeling so much better. Feeling positive again, having more energy and slowly but surely getting fit again.

On the 9th of May I discovered that the distance that I’d cycled in total since the beginning of this year had ‘virtually’ brought me from where we live in the South of Spain to my husband’s hometown Amsterdam. I needed a new challenge…

I’ve decided to now cycle back but with detours visiting friends on the way to ‘virtually’ say hi and C U When I Get There.

While it started as a fun challenge I though that I might as well do it for a cause that is close to my heart and see if I can generate money for Alzheimer’s research.

And I’m now asking you to support me and help me on my way by donating. Look at it as a pits stop on the way, a much needed sandwich for refueling, a change of tires or a new pair of trainers. Every amount, small or larger is much appreciated! My goal is to get back ‘home’ at the end of the year with a minimum of 5000 km with the starting point Amsterdam. This is doable but it does mean I have to cycle about 22 km per day on average and I will keep you updated where I am during the challenge on the C U When I Get There Facebook page.

All your donations will go toward Alzheimer’s research in the UK (Alzheimer’s Research UK) and the Netherlands (VUmc Alzheimercentrum) so that hopefully a cure will be found soon for this awful life crippling illness.

Thank you everyone so very very much who’s donated so far. Even if it’s a small amount, please consider contributing

Or transferring your donation directly to the special bank account that I’ve opened for C U When I Get There:
IBAN: NL94 ABNA 0555 9006 30
NAME: S.Vervoort